The Rock-A-Fellas

Texas' Premiere Cover Band!


Q. What type of music do you play?
A. One of the reasons The Rock-A-Fellas are so popular is our versatility. We have something for just about anyone. Our music spans the decades from the 1950s to the present and spans the whole spectrum of rock as well as country, disco, blues, funk, pop and more. And what we don’t play (Rap, Big Band, Orchestral music, etc.) we can always play on our system if you provide us with an mp3 copy (on a USB drive is optimal).

Q. Is it possible to view the band before we book you for our function?
A. Check our calendar to see our public dates where you can check us out! Additionally you can check the Video page.

Q. My parents are concerned about the volume of the band. How can we be sure that you will not be too loud?
A. The Rock-A-Fellas have an excellent state-of-the-art sound system that provides excellent sound at any volume. We have played at many events over the years and realize the importance of the appropriateness of the volume. We also time the soft rock and country during the first part of the evening before we crank it up a bit to get the party rolling. However we are a live band and there is only so low that we can go!

Q. Do we need to hire a DJ to provide music during the dinner or cocktail hour?
A. No, for a small extra fee we provide an experienced DJ to play music that your guests will enjoy during dinner.

Q. How will the band handle announcements and the flow of events?
A. The Rock-A-Fellas is experienced at working with photographers, bridal consultants, and the venue event coordinators to ensure the flow of the night goes smoothly. We also will make any announcements that you require.

Q. How will the band members dress for the event?
A. The band members typically wear all black dress pants and dress shirts. However, if you would like us to wear beach shirts for a tropical party, costumes for a costume party, or other appropriate wear, just let us know!

Q. How long can we expect the Rock-A-Fellas to play?
A. Typically we play 3 hours with one 15 minute break but contact us if you need something different.

Q. Are the Rock-A-Fellas willing to travel to our function?
A. Yes, we are willing to negotiate travel. Typically we travel within a 50 mile radius from the Bryan/College Station area for only a small extra fee for gasoline. Further distances that require overnight stays or lengthy travel times are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Q. Do you have all the equipment you need for the event?
A. The band has both state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems.

Q. How long has the Rock-A-Fellas band been together?
A. We have been together since 1989 and this lineup has been together since 1994.

Q. Do we need to provide music to play during your breaks?
A. No, not unless you have specific songs for our DJ to play on our sound system (mp3s on a USB drive are the preferred method). Otherwise our DJ will keep the party going by playing music appropriate to your event.

Q. Will you learn a special request for us?
A. Depending on the song and our schedules that is a negotiable point. Many people prefer the original artist’s version of their special song and we always have our sound set up for that purpose.

Q. Do I need to meet with the band members or the band manager before the event?
A. The event planning can be done over the phone or by email.

Q. When I have decided that I’d like to book the Rock-A-Fellas what do I need to do next?
A. Just contact us through the website and our manager will get in touch with you!