The Rock-A-Fellas

Texas' Premiere Cover Band!

Heath Allyn

Heath Allyn – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards

From scorching rock to heart felt ballads, Heath’s powerful and soulful voice infuses every song with an emotional level that reaches inside you and makes you feel it! Combine this with his equally versatile lead guitar playing, piano prowess and his ability to play almost any instrument he gets a hold of, and you have a musical dynamo that “goes to 11”, while most only go to a maximum of “10”. Acting and performing for most of his life in theatre, TV, radio, bands, and any other place he could, he has a reputation for putting on a phenomenal show. The Rock-A-Fellas’ wide range of musical styles gives Heath the perfect opportunity to play and express his love for all kinds of music as evidenced by his eclectic CD collection and the fact that he’s called “The Human Jukebox” for his seemingly uncanny ability to play almost any song he’s ever heard. Heath also writes his own music and continually pursues his dreams of being a gigantic, gargantuan, ridiculously rich and famous, big time, respected, renowned, musician, actor, and all around star who is loved by everyone. He doesn’t ask for much, does he? If you can help, please, please do. He is also the founder of Procrastinators Anonymous. One of these days, he swears he’s going to get around to scheduling a meeting.