The Rock-A-Fellas

Texas' Premiere Cover Band!

Donnie Angonia

Donnie Angonia – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar

Being an original founding member, Donnie has kept the heart and soul of the group going from the earliest days when the band starting practicing in a barn on his family’s farm. His clear and pure voice, incredible guitar prowess, and keyboard chops make him a triple threat and a musical lynch-pin ready to go wherever he’s needed to make a song happen. Like all the members of the group he has a love of all kinds of music, but it’s no secret that he has a special affinity for the classic rock and soul from the 50’s and 60’s and a good old classic country song will get him every time. He’s a genuine gentleman whose polite demeanor somehow leads to him either knowing or being related to everyone within 100 mile radius, or so it seems.
His favorite collaborations are his children with his wife Terri. A diligent and hard worker, Donnie is almost always the first to arrive and the last to leave, and is also the official band “worrier”. In the day time, Donnie manages an industrial park. Ask Donnie about the Rock-A-Fellas trailer. He’ll be glad to tell you all about it. He’s very proud of the trailer. And whatever you do, don’t even think of asking him to play a show without the disco ball.