The Rock-A-Fellas

Texas' Premiere Cover Band!

Craig Knight

Craig Knight – Vocals, Drums

Craig is the “rocker” of the group. While he can perform any style of music like a pro, it’s the chance to turn into a whirling tornado of arms, sticks, feet, drums and cymbals that he lives for. A tall man with a deep and resonant voice, Craig will sing a few songs if the band puts a microphone in front of him and asks real nice. Craig is like a human piston on the drums. He can play with finesse, or make sound virtually explode from his general vicinity. He is the engine that drives this machine. Just change his oil every 3000 songs and you can rely on him to keep the beat, and stay in the groove. In fact his drumming is so solid, scientists use him to calibrate their instruments. In addition to his vocal and drumming ability, he is the only one tall enough to hang the disco ball.