The Rock-A-Fellas

Texas' Premiere Cover Band!

About the Band

So Just who are the Rock-A-Fellas? Mystery men? Enigmas wrapped in the shadows of a mirage in your peripheral vision?

Well, actually, uhhh…no. What they are however is one of the most talented, versatile, and fun bands you’ll ever experience! Based in Austin/Bryan/College Station, their high energy show encompasses rock, country, motown, disco, blues, classics, retro, and anything else you could possibly want from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and beyond, all rolled into one big tasty musical casserole, making them one of the most popular and sought after party/event bands around. With five talented musicians who all sing, you will find that even the most musically challenging songs, with complex harmonies are no problem for this quintet. Their versatility allows them to “read” an audience and customize their performance to please each individual crowd.

In addition to their versatility, a large part of their popularity is due to the fact that they don’t just perform a show like mindless automatons as if it were just their “job”. They genuinely have a great time every time they play, and this enthusiasm spreads to the crowd which leads everyone to have a good time whether they like it or not! The audience feels like part of the show, not just observers! Whether it’s weddings, clubs, 4th of July celebrations, private parties, charity events, or any other imaginable situation, The Rock-A-Fellas have proven their ability to perform in any arena and rise to any occasion (and you can count on them to dress appropriately for the occasion, as well).

The Rock-A-Fellas is made up of five diverse individuals whose real life friendship, camaraderie, talent and chemistry are what give the band it’s magic. The unexplainable “X Factor” if you will. The band also has a state of the art sound system as well as an amazing professional lighting setup run by the Photon Maestro, Bill Jenks. We can promise you that there is a good reason why we are one of the most popular event/party/cover bands around!